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We regret to announce that after hours, days, weeks and months of effort we are having to move the venue for Earthdance Cape Town due to ridiculous requests from the local Health Dept and Police officials.

In a nutshell, we were notified very recently that to obtain our license for the event we would have to adhere to massively reducing the sound on all stages to a level that would make the event suitable only for old age pensioners and their knitting clubs.  ;)

Soooo, we are going home to Nekkies in Worcester, where everyone is very happy to have us back, and understands and knows exactly who we are and how we operate.  The fields are looking green and lovely, the mountain view we know so well looks awesome as ever, and its great to return somewhere where everyone knows your name.




Earthdance Cape Town
20 – 21 September 2014
Earthdance International HUB event.

The Earthdance theme for 2014 is ‘Transformation’, and we are embracing the theme this year in more ways then one, we are changing things up!

3 Stages, 2 Days, 1 Night.

Nekkies Resort, Worcester.

Sky Temple – The Sacred Dance Temple

The Techno Womb – A large but cozy space for the Techno party of the year!

Earth Spirit Stage – Chill beats and interactive group programs.


— Sky Temple Stage —

11h30 Mikey Dredd
13h00 Prefix
14h30 D-sciple
16h00 Chabunk
17h00 Satori
18h30 Static Flow
20h00 The Commercial Hippies
21h00 Mark
22h30 Regan
24h00 TRISTAN (UK) (20 Years of Tristan)
01h30 TRISTAN (UK)
02h00 Lost n Found
03h15 Disco Volante
04h30 Taming Strange
06h00 Kalahari
07h30 Zezia
09h00 AUDIOFORM (Greece)
11h00 Broken Toy (Best of 10 Years Set)
13h00 Headroom
14h30 SiLo & Humerous (First Live Set!)
15h30 :)
17h00 -close-

— Techno Womb —

13h00 R & R
14h00 Spekta
15h00 Toby2Shoes & Dusty Human
17h00 Fog Show
18h00 Plaigarhythm
19h00 FRED WHITE (Sweden)
20h00 B-Type
21h00 D-NOX & BECKERS (10 Years AV Live Set)
22h30 D-NOX & BECKERS (DJ)
24h00 Danalog
01h00 — Prayer for Peace —
01h05 Artelligent
02h10 Ivan Turanjanin
03h30 Bander
05h00 -close-

– Earth Spirit –

13h00 The Great Vernoni
15h00 DJ Firehorse
17h00 Ward 10 (Live Band)
19h00 Roach
21h00 Fletcher
23h00 Pre-Prayer Gathering
01h00 — Prayer for Peace —
01h30 Groova Manoova
03h30 Spekta
05h30 Earth Spirit Collective
09h00 Yoga
10h00 Edit & Run
12h00 Mey
14h00 Dr V and the Mystical Fruit

Saturday / Sunday R330
R350 at the Gate


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