Theme 2016: Global Shift

The twentieth anniversary theme is “Global Shift” signifying the beginning of a new era of deep peace-making and true environmental stewardship. Earthdance is one of many peace organizations, groups and projects that align with the International Day of Peace - 21 September. In this varied field of activist and public service groups, Earthdance combines music, community, social consciousness, support of charities and activism, asserting that peace is as much about living fully and thriving, as it is about protesting war.

Different Dates and Times ?!?

What’s this all about ?

In keeping with the theme and celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Earthdance International, Earthdance promoters around the world can CHOOSE between TWO weekends either side of the International Day of Peace. So if you see other Earthdance events in other cities on the weekend of the 18 September 2016, they are not wrong, they have just chosen the first weekend 🙂

Prayer for Peace

Plus!!! there will be new times for the Prayer for Peace, as we create a wave of peace mediations around the globe for the 10 days surrounding Peace Day. Details about this to be announced soon.